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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A weird confluence of events found me actually cleaning out my bedroom today. It started with all the thought Iíve been giving (for all of 24 hours) to switching from DSL to high speed cable internet. It actually kept me awake last night (not that it takes much). I learned one thing by checking the price: If I switch, the price wonít be the reason.

My tentative plan is to give the phone company a day or two to do something about my connectivity problem, then pull the plug on them and go to cable. Part of the plan is not to do any of the installation myself, because we all know how lame I am when it comes to messing around with computer hardware. (Heck, Iím not even that good with software.) That means an installer will have to come to my house. Thatís what prompted the cleaning.

There is a cable outlet in my bedroom, but I donít have a TV in there and I no longer have a working VCR. That outlet is closer to the computer than the one in the living room, so I assume the installer will have to go in there. After thinking about this all night, I decided that if I want him to have access to the inside of the outside wall, Iíd better start clearing things out of the way now.

Earlier in the week, when I was still in the clutches of the phone company, I already cleared away bushes from the area outside my bedroom, where both the phone line and the cable come into the house. That was a tough job, but no tougher than clearing out the clutter inside the house. I didnít get as far as I should have, but I sort of wilted in the near-100ļF heat. Itís nice to see a little more floor area, though, even if this project never goes any further.

27 June 2009

Dusk today.

While cleaning house today, it occurred to me how much simpler life used to be, in the innocent days before we had to shred every piece of paper with any personal information on it. This whole job would have been done already, probably a few years ago even, if I didnít have to work myself up to sitting with the shredder whining for hour and hours. I donít look forward to that, but at least the recycling company will take all the paper away. Some day.

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Brewers 7, Giants 6. Itís never fun to lose, but some losses hurt more than others. The Giants scored twice in the top of the ninth off old nemesis Trevor Hoffman, but Brian Wilson couldnít hold the lead, surrendering three runs in the bottom of the ninth, a rare (and sad) walk-off loss for the Giantsí closer. On a happier note, the teamís most exciting offensive player, Pablo Sandoval, hit two more home runs. It wasnít enough, but it was a highlight, at least.

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