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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A person can only do so much in this heat. I didnít do nearly as much cleaning as I did yesterday, but the momentum of getting started with this project helped me overcome my natural lethargy and haul a few more boxes of stuff up into the loft.

Thatís probably the wrong direction. Most of it is eventually going to end up in the recycling container in the garage, but I want to dump it all en masse. Itís just not in me. I have to look at each piece of trash before I throw it out, and I wasnít about to take that much time today, in the heat.

This frenzied activity in the middle of a heat wave probably means that Iíve almost made up my mind to call the cable company and get connected. First I have to talk to the Boss about it, though. I know I can convince him, because he pretty much takes anything I say regarding computers as gospel. Iíll have to practice what Iím going to say to him, but Iím not worried about that part of the deal.

27 May 2009

The dead birch.

What I am worried about is the sense I have that the cable company is a little too aggressive in blocking certain email addresses. Iím worried that I wonít be able to access some websites, or that I might not be able to manage my Internet domain. I always worry that when I make a change from something that works pretty well most of the time, I might be setting myself up to lose more than I gain. Iím a worrier, you know.

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Giants 7, Brewers 0. The score tells you this was a pretty good day for Giants pitching, but without the back story, you have no idea. Jonathan Sanchez, all potential and minimal result, has pitched himself out of the starting rotation. To replace him, the Giants called up little known Ryan Sadowski for todayís game, in a ballpark where they have not won in two years. Not only did he come through with six four-hit shutout innings, but Sanchez came on in the ninth and struck out the side to preserve the win. Now the team has to decide the futures of both these pitchers: take another chance on the rookie, or give the potential ace another shot?

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