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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Iím getting a little reckless, drunk with power and foolish enough not to look out for my own best interests. Or is it just the opposite? Maybe Iím finally sticking up for myself, and maybe that means that sooner or later Iím going to get what I want. Or it might just be that things are going to get a little better.

Iím not really worried about the cost of my sudden attack of boldness. Iíve been working at the same job for eighteen and a half years, and the only time Iíve ever truly felt my job was in jeopardy was in the early nineties, when the whole company was in trouble. We came through that, and I learned from it. I learned how to make myself indispensable.

So now, when someone asks what I really want, I tell them. And when they ask what part of the job I hate, I tell them that, too. I told Tim today that I hate (yes, I used that word) filling out bid forms for government agencies. Itís tedious, itís time-consuming, and if you keep asking me, eventually Iím going to tell you.

Whether all this brutal honesty will get me anywhere, I donít know. Iím looking at two government bid forms that I have to fill out over the next week. What I hope is that word will get back to the Boss, and heíll find someone else to do this distasteful part of my job. Hey, it could happen.

22 February 2005

Distant clouds.

And Iím not saying it isnít an important part of being in the construction business, or that I shouldnít have to do it. Itís not that I shouldnít have to, just that I donít want to. Does that count for anything? I donít know.

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Unlike the judges, I wasnít shocked or surprised by any of the eliminations on American Idol tonight. They werenít necessarily the four contestants I would have picked to go (except for Aloha, who has been consistently weak), but I wonít miss any of them, and none had a chance to win the competition. I might have to start phoning in some votes, though, just to make sure. Because obviously, my three or four phone calls are going to make a big difference in the 40 million votes cast.

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