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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Hereís how lame a description of my day would be: I think I actually got a good haircut today. And I told the stylist, who also happens to be the manager, that I was glad I got her this time. Iíve grown so weary of those fly-by-night clipper people who wonít give me what I want. I just couldnít go on and on saying, ďShorter. Shorter. Shorter.Ē

It got so bad that I almost (almost!) decided to go somewhere else. Since all change is bad, that would have been a big step into a dark crevasse that was probably filled with vicious pumas. Itís the very reason I keep the same job for eighteen years and live in the same rundown duplex for fifteen and rarely venture beyond the imaginary borders Iíve set up as my province. And yet, in spite of all the reasons I shouldnít, I nearly went to a new place for a haircut this time.

Boy, am I glad I didnít.

Although, come to think of it, it would have made a more interesting journal entry than this one.

3 March 2005

Low hanging clouds.

On the other hand, it could turn out that Iíll wake up tomorrow morning with something on my head that looks as bad as my yard. Only not green, of course. Or maybe green, who knows? That would give me something to write about, too, so maybe I should shoot for that.

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Today was the Giantsí first spring training game, and it was on the radio, and I only had about fifty phone calls during the broadcast. They were all business, so I had to be polite. Since it was a spring game, it was inelegantly played by mostly unknown players (and it doesnít count anyway), but itís always good to hear the sounds of baseball on the radio again. It has a wonderfully calming influence on me. I feel real again, and I can cope with anything that comes up. Anything except all those phone calls, that is.

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