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Friday, March 4, 2005

On a good day, sometimes nothing much happens. Sometimes on a good day, you just have to realize that living can be (maybe should be or must be) its own reward, and that the process is at least as important as the product.

At the end of the day today, I felt good about myself and what Iíd accomplished. It seems so little, a few pieces of paper with indecipherable figures covering them so that the white sheets look nearly black. And yet, I get satisfaction from the fact that I produced a series of interconnected spreadsheets, fully balanced with each other, that paint a picture of the companyís position at the end of last year, and the ways it changed during the course of the year.

Thatís right. The Big Project is done. Or rather, itís out of my hands for the time being. The Boss will ask some questions and do some tweaking, but the part of it that falls totally on my shoulders is finished. Relief is another thing that can turn an ordinary Friday into a good day.

28 February 2005

Cloud squadron.

I actually enjoyed doing the project this year, more than in the past. You wouldnít know it by the moaning and whining, but itís true. Itís not that itís getting easier, exactly, but the more often I do it the more simply and straightforwardly the pieces fall into place.

Thatís good, because the Boss is now making noises to the effect that the bonding company is going to want us to produce financial statements more often, at least twice a year. At this moment, at the end of a good day, Iím almost thinking I could handle that.

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You know, the best part— have I already said something was the best part? Anyway, the best part is that I also got some other work done today, things that I would have had to do over the weekend. Itís not that I donít have anything left to do, but the worst of the pressure is off. For now. Until it comes back.

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