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Sunday, March 6, 2005

In some ways, today was worse than yesterday, even though I felt a little better. For one thing, I could feel the hollowness in my stomach, and yet almost every kind of food I had in the house made me nauseous just to look at it. Hungry, but canít stand the sight of food. Thatís a dilemma.

Also, I got frustrated with just sitting around all day, but every time I got up I felt weak and light-headed. I just had to learn to endure the frustration, because that queasy feeling wasnít worth it. There wasnít much of anywhere to go anyway. I definitely wasnít going to a kidsí birthday party feeling like this.

Mostly I know I canít get away with doing nothing for one more day. Tomorrow is Monday, which is bad enough. But we also have a bid that has to go in tomorrow, and Iím in charge of the bid package. I have to take it somewhere and overnight it to Los Angeles, or the company will miss out on a very promising project. So Iíll do it. I wonít feel like it, but Iíll do it.

28 February 2005

Sunlight off the clouds.

For tonight, Iíll try to do better than last night. I slept fitfully, mostly awake but immobile. Every so often Iíd drift off, but it never lasted for more than an hour at a time. That isnít a very restful way to spend the night, and I had to take more naps during the day today. I donít know what tonight holds, but it has to be better. Tomorrow being Monday and all.

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The only time I sat at the computer all day long was the few minutes it took to write this entry. I wonít get away with that again tomorrow, either.

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