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Monday, March 7, 2005

The problem with starting to feel better after a couple of days out of it is that the temptation to do a little too much is just too strong. Thatís what caught up with me today, and itís why I donít feel any better tonight than I did last night at this time. Even so, Iíd have to say this was a better day and Iím definitely on the way back.

When I woke up this morning with a little more energy and feeling strong again, I could hardly justify another day of inactivity. The only option was to go through my day as if it were another Monday. And thatís what I did, until I hit the wall and started to slide backwards.

The Boss even told me to take a break, so I must have needed it. And I did get a second wind, after turning off the phone and kicking back for an hour. Apparently I didnít learn anything from the morning session, though, because I quickly ran out of gas for the second time, and this time the headache that dogged me all weekend was back, too.

So Iíve resolved to conserve my progress as much as I can. Iíll have some kind of tickler to remind myself to slow down every so often. Tomorrow maybe Iíll set the kitchen timer, and take a little nap every time it goes off. I donít want to lose what Iíve gained. I definitely donít want to go back to anything like the way I felt most of Saturday.

3 March 2005

Cloud mobiles.

The worst part of the day was when I had to go out of the house. Because I was waiting for something the Boss had to fax me to go with the bid I was sending off, I couldnít do my errands at the usual time this morning. Instead I was on the road shortly after noon, when people whose jobs have regular hours are rushing around to get things done. When life becomes a bumper car ride, I get a little snarky about it. Especially when Iím not feeling all that great in the first place.

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One good sign: I ate a real meal tonight, instead of just the comfort food that has been all I could stand for the last few days. (Bad sign: I bought a box of doughnut holes while I was out today, and theyíre almost gone.)

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"Tomorrow I'll probably regret what I didn't do today. But I won't regret what I did do."

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