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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Maybe some people handle this kind of adversity a little better than I do. In fact, I know they do, because people deal with things much worse than the little glitches that are sucking the joy out of my life lately. Iím being inconvenienced a bit, and stressing over it to beat the band.

But thatís how I operate. I let the little things get to me, even when I know theyíre little things. The Boss told me today that this business of the stolen checks was a little thing, and he said we canít let the little things get us down. Know what I said to him? I said that if the little things add up, they can keep us from doing the big things. Good attitude, eh?

And it seems that when Iím dealing with something like this and obsessing over it, everything else that can possibly go wrong is also eating away at me. While I was trying to get the bank to call me (as they promised) to set up the new account, I was also dealing with stomach cramps and shortness of breath. I think there might have been a tie-in, but knowing that didnít help.

I know I do these things to myself, and I should take things as they come and do the best I can and not worry about what I canít control. I donít know how to do any of that. All Iím good at is worrying, so I do it a lot. It doesnít help, but neither does taking things as they come and doing the best I can and not worrying. Nothing, in fact, seemed to help today, and Iím glad itís over. I only wish I didnít think tomorrow would be just as bad.

3 March 2006

Cloud intruders.

I did what I had to do, in spite of all the messiness all around me. I waited patiently for the bank to call, as promised. When they hadnít called by 1:00 pm, I called them and was told to expect a call before 5:00 pm today. When 5:00 came and went, I still had a glimmer of hope that it would be resolved today. And when it became obvious that wasnít going to happen, I started worrying about tomorrow. I donít know what else I could have done.

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Iíve also been fussing with the phone company and my DSL connection today, because everything has to happen at once. And I lost track of Mom tonight and was nearly ready to start calling hospitals. (Donít worry (ha). Sheís fine.) Plus, I couldnít get out to the post office today, because I was waiting for the bank to call. And I missed a lunch date with Suzanne and Mom. And, and, and... well, maybe thatís all. Or all I can think of, for now.

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