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Monday, March 13, 2006

How much more of a Monday could this possibly have been? I had to close the company bank account, then send the bank a list of checks I want them to pay on the closed account. And tomorrow I will have to set up a new account and make sure our automatic payment information is transferred. Then I will have to file new routing and account numbers with the government, so we can get paid by them. And there are probably even more steps I have to take, but I havenít thought of them yet, because all of this started after 5:00 pm on Monday evening.

Yeah. So. Anyway. Maybe it wasnít that bad a Monday until it was almost over. But this mess made up for it, and all because (we think) some payroll checks were stolen, probably out of Timís mailbox.

Why do we think the checks were stolen? Because over the weekend (either Friday night or Saturday night, I canít remember for sure) I had two suspicious phone calls, asking me to confirm that individuals who were trying to cash paychecks were indeed our employees. And they werenít. The names were different, and the description of the checks was different. Obviously the checks were counterfeit knock-offs.

But hereís the kicker. They described my signature to me perfectly. Spooky, isnít it? The first caller, most likely someone who worked at a check cashing outfit or a convenience store, read the account number to me. When I told him the check was bogus, he promised to fax me a copy. He never did that. The second call was from San Diego, at the other end of California. And he said the check was dated that very day, which was another red flag. The name on the check, he told me, was ďJohn Smith.Ē Sounds like an old Johnny Carson bit.

11 March 2006

Jigsaw clouds.

The good news is that there were no new ants today, but it kind of makes you wonder what disaster tomorrow might bring. Or can I count on it being a better day, just because the last two were so sucky? No, Iíd better not count on that. Iím bound to be disappointed.

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I have very little sympathy for the Cuban players and officials who are so offended by the anti-Castro signs that have been prevalent at World Baseball Classic sites where the team has played. Itís good for them to see how the other half lives. If freedom of speech scares them, they at least have something in common with the current U.S. administration. Thatís not the reason they didnít play very well today, though. The reason they lost today was partly that their pitchers couldnít find the plate, but mostly that the Dominican team was better (and highly motivated, after losing to Puerto Rico yesterday). The Dominican Republicís 7-3 win puts them in a four-way tie with the other three teams in their draw, so here we go with those arcane tie-breaking rules again. Cuba is probably at a disadvantage, because they have given up a lot of runs in the tournament (and thatís the number one tie-breaking criterion).

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