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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Two sounds woke me up and got me stirring this morning. The noise of the wind blowing through my yard was so deafening that I thought it must be raining hard. (It wasnít, until later in the day.) And the high-pitched hum of the fax machine spitting out page after page was so irritating that I had to get up and see what was going on.

I guess Iíll have to waste some other day, because I couldnít seem to fit it into todayís agenda. The fax brought me three items of work that were apparently so important that they couldnít wait until Monday. And it was the one thing Iíve told the Boss that I hate doing the most: typing forms. There was a bid form and two personal financial statement forms, all several pages long. I was going to put it off until Monday anyway, but I couldnít make myself do that.

Iíll tell you one thing, though. The next time the Boss asks me what he can do to help lighten my work load, Iím going to laugh in his face. He asks me that all the time, and I always tell him that I hate typing forms, and especially having to put bids together. Itís an important part of keeping the business going, so I do it. But whatís the point of asking if heís not going to give me what I ask for?

So I spent the morning typing, and it really wasnít that bad. Julie had given me all the information that went into the forms, so at least I didnít have to look anything up. I didnít fax the completed forms back to them until late in the day, though. I didnít want to hear about it.

Besides, there were other things I needed to do. The replacement checks from the bank finally arrived, and I could at last write all the checks Iíve been holding off on. These people have been pretty patient as they waited for me to pay them, but the real reason I wanted to get started on the check writing today was to get it out of the way. Monday is tough enough without having to write fifty thousand dollars worth of checks. My hand aches just thinking about it.

17 March 2006

Last clouds of winter.

So thatís how I spent my whole Saturday, the one Iíd planned to reserve for rest and relaxation, working. I finally quit about 7:30 tonight, because my back and my eyes were tiring. I left about as much more to do tomorrow, depending on whether I hear back from the Boss and Julie about the bid forms. They never did react to the work I did for them. Maybe they felt so bad that Iím off the hook until Monday. That would be nice.

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The checks the bank sent are set up differently from the ones Iíve been using for twenty years. I can get used to that, and in fact I like them because thereís more room to write notes on the stubs. Thatís important when youíre trying to keep track of job costs. But the stoopid bank, who had promised to send a new endorsement stamp and deposit slips, didnít come through. How do they expect me to put money into their bank if they donít give me the necessary tools? The idea of having to deal with them again about this stuff makes my stomach sink. Maybe I can palm that one off on the Boss, too.

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