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Sunday, March 26, 2006

As far as I can figure out, only two things could have made me happy today. I could have spent a few hours with my family, particularly the smallest members of it, or I could have spent the day alone, doing whatever felt right at the time. Nothing against the other seven billion people in the world; Iím sure I could have been happy with some of them, too. But I wouldnít have known where to start or how to make it happen.

Since the family was occupied and unavailable, I happily made do with myself. I slept until it was time for the race to start, and I got all of the work done that I thought I needed to do, most of it during caution laps. I even wrote my own paycheck on one of my brand new company checks, and finished working early enough in the afternoon that I could sit and read, with music playing in the background.

Itís hard to figure how a Sunday could have been any better. For me, that is. I know other people have different standards and other ways of making themselves happy. I have plenty of ways of making myself unhappy, or frustrated or angry. Or disgruntled, disillusioned and disgusted. Today things just fell into place. I didnít do anything special to deserve it; it just happened.

26 March 2006

Early spring sunset.

Of course, you have to be open to a good day, and thatís an area where I sometimes have a little trouble. I tend to want my days rigidly planned a long time in advance, and then to have nothing happen to change my plans. Thatís the way to a quiet, comfortable life, and itís why I think that way. But itís probably not the path to true fulfillment, if such a thing exists.

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If you watch NASCAR (as Iíve heard people do) to see crashes, then today was your day. But if you watch it (as I do) because you like the colorful personalities of the drivers, then today at Bristol was your day, too. I much prefer clashes to crashes, although sometimes the two go hand in hand.

Kurt Busch won because he bumped leader Matt Kenseth. A lap or two later, Kenseth and Jeff Gordon were fighting for third place, and Gordon gave Kenseth a little push and drove by him. It was probably less than a lap later that Kenseth spun Gordon out. Kenseth finished third and Gordon, who was knocked back to twenty-first place, was having none of Kensethís post-race attempt at explanation or apology. Kenseth got a shove in the chest for his trouble, but he later admitted that he probably should have waited for tempers to cool before approaching Gordon.

The funny thing is, all of these drivers Iíve mentioned are past series champions, and this is only the fifth race of the season (and all of this activity took place in the last five of 500 laps, but the bumping and bruising started on the very first lap). They all meet again next week at Martinsville, another volatile short track, so we can expect more of this kind of action. Clashes and crashes both.

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