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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I feel as if Iím in some kind of whirlpool, like the one that goes down the bathtub drain. Iím being sucked into the end of the week, end of the month and end of the quarter all at once, and itís coming at me too fast for me to save myself. Iím having a hard time keeping up with the day-to-day work Iím supposed to be doing, and suddenly Iím confronted with the crushing load that gets piled on my back every three months. Itís all too much.

One thing Iím looking forward to with mixed emotions is the time change this weekend. On one hand, I hate it. On the other hand, it wonít be so bad once I get used to it. (On the third hand, it ordinarily takes me two or three weeks to get to that point, and I donít have two or three weeks. Well, I mean, I do, but not to use up getting my mind right.)

One solution to the problem of too much work in too little time is to expand the amount of time available. Thatís the one good thing about daylight savings time. Starting next week it will stay light an hour longer every evening, and then it will stay light longer and longer for almost three months. It might not seem like it, but that will make a huge difference in my productivity. Itís not just that I work better when thereís more daylight, but I also keep at it longer.

17 March 2006

Pyramid of clouds.

If it werenít for the fact that mornings will come much earlier after we set the clocks ahead Saturday night, Iíd be all for this change. But I know me, and weíre already dreading the loss of that hour, because it takes so long to make it up. One word of advice: donít expect much out of me Sunday. (Not that you ever can, come to think of it.)

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I know it doesnít count, but itís always good to see the Giants beat the team from across the bay, even if theyíre playing it in Arizona. They hit seven home runs, but more importantly got great pitching in the 12-0 win. Some of the home run hitters wonít be with the team when they head north tomorrow to start the season next week, but chances are all of the pitchers who worked today will be counted on to be important parts of the staff. Pitching has been spotty at best for the Giants this spring, so it was encouraging to see a game like this. Their number one starter Jason Schmidt has done well, but today he gave the team six shutout innings in his last appearance before the opener Monday. Attitudes and a good start are important parts of a teamís success over the long, long season, and a game like this can only help. Even though it doesnít count.

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