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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Against all odds and defying a lifetime of experience, I keep hoping that things will get better. Or maybe itís just a spring thing. The days are getting longer (although it doesnít seem so, because itís so dark and cloudy and gloomy all day). Baseball is on the way, and weíll be getting some extra daylight next week. All that is hopeful stuff, right?

To be honest, sometimes itís hard to hang onto this hopefulness. When I wear out a little earlier each day, and then have a little harder time getting to sleep each night and as a result have more trouble getting up the next morning, itís the kind of cycle that seems impossible to break. I know itís not impossible, but most of the time I donít know how to do it.

People believe so many impossible things that itís not much of a stretch to keep hope alive. Things wonít get better by hope alone, but if you donít have the hope as a sort of a sauce, you wonít be able to savor the banquet. Half of getting there is knowing it can be done, whether it can be or not. Itís not self-delusion if you actually achieve it.

26 March 2006

The sunset oak.

So what did I do today? I kept my head down and got as much work done as I possibly could in the time I was able to stay awake and alert enough to do it. I donít know how I can ask any more of myself than that, and if nothing else, it allows me to go to bed with a clear conscience. That doesnít necessarily mean Iíll get any sleep, but I can always hope.

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Maybe they should have stayed a little longer in Arizona. The Giants and Angels played tonight at AT&T Park in San Francisco (yes, thatís what itís called now), but they could get in only five innings before rain stopped the action. It wasnít enough for the hitters, and the bullpen didnít get to do any fine tuning, but it was a fine outing for the Giantsí number two starter Matt Morris in his first appearance in a Giant uniform on the home field. He gave up an unearned run and four hits in five innings. I think heís going to like pitching in San Francisco.

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