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Friday, March 31, 2006

Itís hard to believe, but we celebrated a milestone birthday for my oldest nephew today. Eric doesnít officially turn 30 until Monday, but this was the day a few dozen of his friends and family gathered to send him off into the next decades. Suzanne and Tammy have been planning this for months, along with John and David, and it came off beautifully.

Not that there werenít a few glitches, such as the sound guy showing up three hours late, and a leaky roof in the rented hall (along with no stage, as promised, for the band). But the kids were there, and Eric loves his nephews and niece. The food was excellent, as youíd expect when our family is in charge. The baseball theme was perfectly conceived and well executed. And everyone, from many generations, had a good time, particularly the guest of honor.

31 March 2006

Eric and David try to get the sound system working.

On the other hand, I didnít have such a good day, and I nearly didnít make it to the party. Well, thatís not quite true. There was no chance I wouldnít go, because I was Momís transportation, and Suzanne had asked me to pick something up from her house, and— well, itís Eric. Iíve known him longer than all but about three other people who were there.

Even though the directions were clear, I got lost no less than three times on my way to the hall. I missed a turn, and then I turned the wrong way, and then I got in the wrong lane, and after that I couldnít find the parking lot. It was raining, and it was twilight, and I had a hard time reading street signs because the street lights werenít lit yet. I wasnít in my best party mood by the time I got there. I did what I could not to let it show, but I donít know how successful I was.

I actually knew more people there than I expected to, and I managed to talk to most of the ones I did know. I spent a lot of time talking with old friends I hadnít seen in years, and that was definitely a good thing. Eventually we had music, and the band was well worth waiting for (although it was almost eleven before they started playing, and I lasted through only three songs).

31 March 2006

Kylie and Tammy at the party.

It was a good party, and Eric deserved it. Iím not a party person, though, and I was incredibly glad to get home. By Friday night, Iím usually pretty well spent for the week and ready to melt into the weekend. I feel very close to the point of total exhaustion. But still, Iím glad I made the effort to get out of my chair and out the door and down the road to this party. Donít ask me to do it again for a while, though.

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It absolutely poured buckets of rain today, several times for several minutes. I could see the water rising around my house, like a moat appearing out of the marsh. I watched it dropping madly off the wood roof of my back porch and also off the tin roof of the shed across the yard. Birds were flying up under the eaves and huddling there. I didnít even get out to the post office, which is very unusual for me on a day when (a) Iím supposed to be working, and (2) my car starts.

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