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Monday, March 19, 2007

Four years after the U.S. invaded Iraq, there is no end in sight. After the United States had been in World War II for four yearsó well, by then that war was over, and the world was on the road back to peace and stability. No such prospect is in store for Iraq. Whenever we leave, now or in the future, the country will be poorer, more repressed and more dangerous than when we arrived.

Politicians arenít allowed to say that lives are being wasted in this war, but Iíll say it. They have to say that people are making sacrifices, and Iíll agree with that. But that implies that the sacrifice is worth something, and I donít think I can make that leap. Thousands of Americans and many more thousands of Iraqis have died for nothing more noble than the oil thatís under the sand, and the money that lines the pockets of rich businessmen.

28 February 2007

Clouds of peace.

Will we stay in Iraq another four years, or ten, simply because we donít have the will to get out, even though weíve already ďlostĒ the war? Will we sacrifice more and more lives for a hopeless cause that we canít even name? We will probably be there for another two years because the Congress doesnít have the courage to oppose this president. What happens after that is up to the American voters more than the politicians and military leaders that are defining the present circumstance.

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