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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last night I tried to fool myself by setting the clocks an hour ahead early in the evening. I wasn’t doing anything that required me to know what time it was, so I thought just maybe I’d look at the clock and think it was time to retire, an hour before the usual time.

It sort of worked on my mind, because I did go to bed earlier than usual. It didn’t work on my body, because I didn’t get to sleep for what seemed like hours later. It seemed like “hours” because it was, in fact, “hours.” As in two or three. That’s a long time to lie there, tossing and turning and knowing that eventually it would be Sunday morning and I’d have to get up.

So what do we learn from this? That the body is smarter than the brain? I guess no matter what I try, and how hard I work to talk myself out of it, I’m always going to have a hard week or so when the time changes. And the day after the night before is probably not going to go well.

7 March 2009

Distant cloud on a blue sky day.

Somehow, though, I did get up before noon, and Mom and I made it to the show we had tickets for, on time and in decent shape. (That’s right. I actually made plans on a Sunday, and then didn’t bail.) We saw the Lamplighters’ “Gilbert and Sullivan: Straight Up, With a Twist!” at the Luther Burbank Center (not its real name; they want us to call it the Wells Fargo Center, but that’s hard). It was great fun. That’s my two-word review.

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