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Monday, March 9, 2009

Last night was rough, and this morning was rougher. I woke up, but I couldnít move. I just lay there wondering how late it would get before the first phone call. I didnít much move until the phone rang at 9:15.

It was the Boss, of course, asking about something Iíd faxed him over the weekend. Apparently I hadnít given him page 2. I gave him page 1, which was three sheets printed off one web page. But Iíd failed to notice the link to page 2, which was another three sheets. So I had to get on line and retrieve the rest of the information.

If the Boss werenít so frantic about this bid he has going in tomorrow, I think I might consider asking for a weekís sick leave. Thatís about how long it would probably take for my inner clock to adjust to the worldís outer clock. Iíd do a lot of sleeping, and maybe Iíd gradually get to the point where I could get up in the morning and not feel any worse than I did before we reset the clocks.

7 March 2009

Overgrowth by the front door..

Itís probably optimistic to think that I could do it in a week. On the other hand, it probably wonít take longer than a week even if I keep working and stay the course. Maybe Iím just looking for an excuse to take a week off.

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