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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Itís just another cloudy Saturday, with rain on the horizon, but itís starting to feel more like spring than winter. Mom tells me sheís doing better today, and she even walked down nine flights of stairs to get her mail this afternoon. Well, not really. She took the elevator and used her walker, and she needed a rest when she was done, but she did it, and I take that as a good sign.

As for me, I feel rested for the first time since we reset the clocks, because I slept late this morning. It was a good feeling to get out of bed without my eyes feeling so heavy and my head full of mush. And I have tomorrow to look forward to: a Sunday when I can sleep in again. Thatís all I need right now. Iíll deal with lifeís other tribulations as soon as I get enough sleep. That makes it much easier to cope.

13 March 2009

My house, through the oak branches.

Another thing I did today was finish Heart and Soul, the new novel by Maeve Binchy. Iíve been reading it slowly and savoring it, because I didnít want it to end, and she doesnít write enough books to keep me satisfied. The characters are as good as ever, and some of them are familiar from her last few novels. Itís like meeting up with old friends after a few years apart.

I love the people in her books, because they are mostly good-hearted folk trying to do the right thing, and you know that most of the time their good intentions, helped along by the encouragement and sympathy of the other people in their lives, will lead them to where they need to be. Itís the way I like to think life should work for all of us. Sometimes it even does.

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