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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What doesnít kill you— I donít know if it makes you stronger or not. Maybe itís enough that it doesnít kill you.

After spending the day feeling as if Iíd had a major setback, with the worst pain Iíve had in my arm in maybe a week, I wasnít even sure I could wait one more week for my appointment. And I donít even know what I did to myself to get it started.

I do know how I made it worse, though. I used it too much, including the time I absent-mindedly pushed the pump on the salad spinner with my right hand and felt it all the way to my elbow. And last night I changed the sheets on my bed, because I couldnít wait any longer, but I managed to tweak both wrists and my back in the process. So Iím not totally blameless, but I donít think I deserved such a bad day.

So obviously, I had no intention of making it worse tonight by doing anything stupid. Anything else stupid. And then I did.

Well, maybe it wasnít so stupid after all. I had just iced down the right arm, and I put on the brace before pulling the weed trimmer off the garage wall and turning it on. I know. I shouldnít have done it, but I just couldnít stand to see the weeds covering my walkway, much less walk through them back and forth at least once every day.

Oddly enough, it wasnít that bad. It wasnít that bad because for about an hour after my twenty minutes or so in the garden, I couldnít feel anything. Both arms were totally numb, all the way to the shoulder. It was the best Iíve felt all month, except for the part where I didnít have any feeling. Plus, I had the satisfaction of knowing that my water guy wonít have to bring a machete when he makes his delivery tomorrow morning.

24 May 2006

The walkway, after I worked on it.

I just had to do it. And even after the numbness wore off, I didnít feel any worse than I had all day. It still hurt, but it wasnít a setback. At least, it wasnít any more of a setback than Iíd been experiencing since I woke up this morning. And it didnít kill me, so I must be stronger. Or at least alive.

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Because the Giants and Cardinals played a day game, I didnít get to see much of it. I had it on while I worked, but every time I looked up it seemed the Giants were doing something totally out of character, like throwing the ball away or getting thrown out at home plate. In a sloppy game between two good teams, youíre probably going to find out which team is better, and today it was definitely the Cardinals, who beat the Giants, 10-4, on a day when many Giant starters rested. Thatís no excuse for the quality of play I saw, though.

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