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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whenever I get a little giddy about life, I have places to share my giddiness. But this (right here where you are now) was my first place to connect with people everywhere, and this is where I always return, like the Black Phoebes that nest under the eaves outside my dormer window. (The birds, by the way, are never giddy. They are serious bug-catchers with only one thing (or maybe two things) on their minds.)

This might be premature, but so far (and itís only been one day), the new modem seems to have solved my intermittent connection problems. Iíve been kicked off line and kept off line so much during the last month that I was starting to feel as isolated here in the bits-and-bytes world as I sometimes feel (often by choice, if it comes to that) in the sun-and-rain world.

I feel alive again! To the point of giddiness!

Okay, so Iím not exactly giddy. At least half of my mind is waiting for something to go wrong. The first time Iím randomly disconnected, all the good feeling will go away immediately and despair will set in, mostly because it will mean I have to call the phone company and actually talk to a person about my problems. Thatís just not how I want my day/week/month to go.

20 April 2010

But so far Iíve avoided my usual installation fiasco. Remember the infamous wireless router incident? I do, which is why Iím a little reserved in my giddiness. But itís hard not to bask in the glow of a connection that is as smooth and sure as mine has been since I fired up the new modem. Itís a good thing, too, since I had to spend my own money on the thing, what with the problem with the company credit card. Itís always something, you know?

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