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Thursday, May 6, 2010

It was a day of highs and lows, but I really canít complain, because the highs were high enough to offset the lows. Even the lows werenít as low as they could have been. It was like having the ground fall away under you but landing on a downy pillow of non-allergenic goose feathers. The worst part is pondering what could have happened.

It could still happen, I suppose, but I choose not to believe that the goosy pillow will turn out to be infested with earwigs. Itís not as if I hadnít thought of the possibility, having been earwigged aplenty under similar circumstances through the years. It makes you think, but it doesnít have to make you embrace an unwarranted inevitability.

If youíre looking for specifics that donít involve goose feathers and earwigs, it probably isnít going to happen. That should tell you that itís work-related, and I donít go there any more. But Iíll say this: Itís nothing bad about my job itself, or the people I work with. That rickety old roller coaster is running on greasy wheels these days.

20 April 2010

It has more to do with depending on the people we do our work for, depending on them to do the right thing and keep their promises and do all the things that people are supposed to do for each other, because if they donít the whole fabric of society unravels. I always think of a four-way stop as the ultimate social contract. Everybody stops, and then we take turns moving forward, and everyone gets where theyíre going. That system works pretty well, but it doesnít take much to gum it up.

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