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Thursday, November 2, 2006

When I woke up this morning and peeked out through the blinds, I wished I hadnít. It wasnít just raining. It was dreary and dark and pouring, just as youíd expect on the dreariest, darkest winter day. Itís not winter yet, though, is it? Itís barely halfway between summer and the end of autumn, and itís already looking like the depths of February.

Instead of going back to bed, as I should have done, I went straight to work. I left the blinds closed and went to work. It didnít help much, and by the time I got out the door to go to the post office it was raining even harder. I got wet going to my car, and soaked going back and forth from the car to the post office. By the time I got home I was thoroughly drenched. I should have gone back to bed then, I think.

But I couldnít, because my garage was flooding. I had to wade out there and take up the shovel, so that I could re-dig the trench that drains away from the garage. This was a poorly planned building, this garage, because itís on a downhill slant from the driveway. If I didnít keep that trench dug out in front of it, it would be in even worse shape than it is. Then I had to take the push broom and sweep the standing water out of the garage. By the time I got finished with all that, I was ready for a long, long nap.

The trouble is, the day was only half over. And the half that was over was the part thatís usually the best part. In the mornings I can sort of ease into my day. Thatís the biggest advantage of working at home, even better than not having to drive eighty miles a day, the way I used to. Nobody cares what part of the day I get my work done in, as long as I get it done.

2 November 2006

Rainy day, seen from the back porch.

So I use the mornings to make it possible for me to hit it hard in the afternoon. A morning like todayís makes the afternoon seem even more like drudgery than it normally does. I hate wasting a perfectly good morning that way. But I made it through, and the sun came out, briefly. It wasnít even raining when I picked up Mom from the bus and took her home. Raining in my heart, maybe, but not on my windshield.

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The new cordless phone, on the other hand, is great fun. Iíve programmed all the numbers I could think of into it and fooled around with the ring sounds. I can even download ring tones for it if I want to, for a price. I thought only cell phones could handle that feature, but apparently Iíve been missing out on something. Sitting in the recliner and fiddling around with the phone makes me lust after one more appliance that I donít need. A laptop. Wouldnít that be cool? With the laptop and the cordless phone (plus the six remotes I already have), Iíd never have to move at all (except to go out in the rain and retrieve my mail, I guess.)

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