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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

At 12:45 this afternoon, I checked the porch to see if my package had been delivered. When it wasnít there, I clicked on the tracking number and learned that it had been delivered at 12:08 pm. So I checked again, and sure enough, there it was. UPS had dumped it in the middle of the driveway. Itís a good thing this wasnít the day my bottled water delivery guy comes. Heís the one who ran over a water pipe and flooded my yard a couple of months back. Iím sure he wouldnít have missed a package in the drive.

So now I have the new cordless phone that I didnít really need, and it has features I might never use. But itís so much fun to get new toys that Iíll find a way to explain to the Boss why I spent his money so recklessly. Maybe Iíll invite him to take it out of my nonexistent Christmas bonus.

The hard part was waiting six hours while the battery charged before I could play with it. I spent that time reading the manual and marking the pages. The phone has a 50-number phonebook memory, so I made a list of phone numbers that I wanted to program into it. Sadly, I could only come up with 26 numbers, and some people are listed more than once. Folks that I probably will never call are on it, but I suppose if I expire someone might call all them all to let them know. Iíve certainly made it easy enough to do that.

Was that too morbid? I donít want to bring down the room, because Iím having so much fun. The phone has a built-in answering machine, so now I can get rid of one device thatís been cluttering my nightstand. And Iíll put away the old corded phone, but Iíll keep it for those times when the power goes out. Itís good to have something so old itís still reliable. People used to build things to last, and Iíll have that old phone long after the new one has been replaced.

30 September 2006

Swirling clouds.

I probably donít need caller ID on this phone, but itís programmed for it so I ordered the feature from the phone company. And call waiting, I ordered that too, so that I could also order something called ďcall waiting ID,Ē so Iíll know whoís trying to phone me when Iím talking to someone else. This will be useful when Iím talking to the Boss. I can tell him, ďSorry, I have to take a call from my niece.Ē Or, you know, maybe the other way around.

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The Boss was relentless today. He started faxing me before I got up this morning and was still at it long after he should have been in some bar knocking back his third beer. By the time I finished there was no more sunlight, of course, so I pulled the reading lamp over behind the recliner and made the best of things. Iíll just have to resign myself to reading by unnatural light for the duration. And Iíll have to resign myself to working in the yard only on weekends, because by the time I can get outside itís too cold and too dark to be very inviting. Winter. Bleah.

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