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Saturday, November 11, 2006

When I got up this morning (and it was still morning, but barely) and looked out the window, I saw that it had been raining in the night. The paving stones were still wet, and there was standing water in the upturned bucket I keep in the middle of the garden for some reason that I can no longer recall. So I thought I was off the hook. Iíd planned to get some yard work done today, but I couldnít do it in the rain.

At the post office yesterday Iíd forgotten to ask if there would be mail delivery today. Schools and state offices were closed yesterday to observe the Veteransí Day holiday, but today is the actual day. Since there was mail delivery yesterday, I assumed there wouldnít be any today, but I had to check on line to make sure. After I confirmed that, I knew I had no reason to leave the house today. No use checking the mail if there for sure isnít going to be any.

So I was pretty much settled in for the day, but in the middle of the afternoon I got a little restless. The sun was shining by now, although it was that washed out late fall sunshine that never quite warms up the air. I knew Iíd feel guilty if I didnít do something, so I dragged the yard waste container out of the garage and started filling it. My immediate goal was to clear the walkway between the driveway and my front door. Iím always a little embarrassed to have visitors, since I know they have to dash through weeds and stickers to get here.

As I worked around the fence, trying to make the opening wide enough for an adult human to get through without getting snagged on something, I realized that the pussy willow was being choked by blackberry bramble. You could hardly see the original bush for all the vines and leaves, even though itís a bush that towers over the fence. So I went to work on the vines, which can fill the container pretty quickly. I knew that from the fact that it took me three weeks to clear the back porch of those brambles.

Then I went a little deeper and realized that the honeysuckle vine on the trellis next to the side garage door was also being choked by blackberries, and by the time I got that situation taken care of, the yard waste container was filled to the top. So thatís as far as I got today. It took me about 45 minutes and pretty much wore me out, but Iím sitting here tonight guilt free. Now go ahead and let it rain. I donít get the yard waste container emptied until next Friday.

11 November 2006

Titanic sunset cloud.

There was plenty of work I could have done inside the house, but instead I decided to spend the next hour or two reading. I lasted an hour before my eyes got too tired to go on with the book, so I picked up Rachaelís magazine and thumbed through that. Iím hosting Christmas dinner but not doing the main bit of cooking, so Iím looking for ideas for something I can contribute. I didnít find anything today, but Iíll keep looking. I have to try them out at least once before the big day, just to be sure I can do it.

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Under the Republicans, the Senate Environmental Public Works committee has been led by a man who calls global warming ďthe greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people.Ē With the change of leadership (thanks again, Virginia, Montana, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island), the new chair of the committee will be Barbara Boxer of California, who has a 93 percent rating from the League of Conservation Voters. The election might have been all about Iraq and corruption, but the side effects are massive and have the potential to lead us in the right direction for a change.

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