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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why is it easier to get work done on Saturday than it is during the week? I mean, besides the obvious, that the phone doesnít ring as often and the Boss doesnít expect me to be at his beck and call. Iíve felt snowed under all week, as if I had so much to do in so little time that it would be impossible ever to get out from beneath it all.

And yet, here I am. Not only did I make my way through all the critical tasks on this weekís to-do list, but I have a head start on next weekís. Thatís because Tim sent me the time cards this morning, and I spent most of the afternoon doing payroll. He probably wanted to give me a head start because next week is a short week. Supposedly itís a three-day week, but I know better. For me, itíll be a six-day week. The only reason it wonít be seven is because I have something planned for tomorrow.

One of the reasons Iíve been so out of it all week is that I got a letter from the workerís comp carrier scheduling my annual audit. I was expecting it, but not this early. When I opened it, I expected the auditor to have set a date some time in the middle of December, as usual, but no. Heís coming at 9:00 am on November 27. So you donít have to look at a calendar, Iíll tell you itís the Monday morning after Thanksgiving weekend.

ďWeekend,Ē ha. That four-day weekend that everyone else will be getting wonít apply. Weíre not eating until 4:30 pm, so that gives me most of Thursday to get some ducks in a row, before the turkey.

And Friday? Maybe everyone else in the country will be shopping, but Iíll be staying home, away from the crowds. Anyway, Iíve already started my Christmas shopping. Yeah, you heard me. Me, the last-minute guy. Tammy told me what to get the babies, and I went out and complied, over a week ago. How about that?

18 November 2006


Itís a good feeling to have a head start on what promises to be a loaded week. This past week, when Iíve been so absent, has been difficult. Iíve felt overwhelmed at times, as if thereís no way I could ever get out from under the mountain of work Iím expected to do in such a short time. Itís amazing how much good one productive day can do to improve my mood. With next weekís payroll out of the way, Iím almost looking forward to Monday. Still, itís a good thing I have plans for Sunday, or Iíd probably spend that whole day working, too.

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Donít think that just because U.S. voters have given control of Congress to his political enemies that George W. Bush is any more sensitive to reality. He has named as his head of family planning services a religious zealot who says that distributing contraceptives is ďdemeaning to women.Ē This president is the champion of pandering to the religious right, and they donít even like him much. Maybe this will help, but it sort of flies in the face of the spirit of bipartisan cooperation he trumpeted the day after the election. There wonít be a confirmation fight, though, because the appointment doesnít require the consent of the Senate.

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