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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

As much as I hate breaking in a new auditor, this guy yesterday was a piece of cake. He fell for the old have-all-the-records-in-order ploy. There wasnít anything heíd asked for in his letter that I didnít have for him, bound and indexed. Even a few things he didnít ask for were ready for him, owing to the sad fact that Iíve been audited for more years than heís been auditing.

He was very complimentary about the books I kept. Apparently some contractors donít bother with all the paperwork theyíre supposed to keep track of, and this makes it a little hard to audit them. Sometimes he spends all day with a person, asking them for this, that, and something else, and waiting for them to search through the files to find it all. Obviously, I didnít want that to happen to me.

In fact, though, he was here for more than two and a half hours, which is a little longer than most workers compensation audits take. Part of it was that heís a first-timer and had to ask all the questions about the nature of the business and who does what. He also asked to look at some time cards, which no other auditor has done. I guess he wanted to make sure I was reporting the employees at the right pay rate. The more they make, the smaller the percentage we pay. Since I do everything by the book, I was happy to have the records to prove it.

27 November 2006

Peering through the clouds.

By the time he left it was nearly noon, so all the errands Iíd planned to run in the morning got shoved back to today. And my plans for today will be shoved to tomorrow, assuming all goes well between now and then. Today was just a day, all work and no unnecessary distractions. I could use a few more days like this, frankly.

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The new Senator-elect from Virginia, Jim Webb, a former Marine, edged out a Bush favorite, George Allen, in the recent election. Maybe thatís why the president was so testy when, after asking Webb about his son, who is serving in Iraq, Webb said heíd like to have him home. ďI didnít ask you that,Ē Bush said. ďI asked how he was doing.Ē Amazingly, Webb didnít haul off and slug Bush. And Iím sure Bush wasnít counting on Webbís vote very often in the upcoming congressional session. If he was before, he isnít now. (Story from TPM.)

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