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Monday, November 24, 2008

This being the Monday before Thanksgiving, Iíve begun to lapse into Holiday Hibernation Mode. I tried all weekend to convince myself that I had to make it to the bank and the market today, and I was determined, with a steely assurance, to do so, until just about time to leave the house. Then the Monday-ness of it all set in, amplified by the fact that everybody in the world was likely to be there doing holiday food shopping. So I didnít go. Some people enjoy shopping and crowds and noise and commotion, but thatís not me.

Not that I needed to come up with a justification not to do something I didnít really want to do in the first place, but the parking lot at the supermarket is just too small on busy days. There are other markets with bigger lots, but my bank is inside this store. I considered going to a smaller local market, the one with higher prices and a smaller selection (and no bank). I could have picked up the basics (milk, bread, bananas) and put off the banking until next week, but I didnít do that, either.

Another possibility would have been going to another branch of the same bank, but they know me at this one, and they donít hassle me about the checks I want to deposit. At other branches, they look askance at some of those checks, which are about half from government agencies and half from regular people, because thatís how our customer base breaks down. Thereís good reason to lack faith in either people or governments, in these troubled financial times, so I donít want to take the chance of going where Iím not known.

22 November 2008

Cloud mask.

As soon as I made the decision not to do the banking or the marketing today, I started breathing again. Next week will definitely be better — and after that it will get worse again, week by week, as Christmas approaches. The weather today didnít help much, either. It was foggy, dark and cold when I went to the post office, so I was borderline ecstatic to have already decided to turn around and come straight home.

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