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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Itís not as if Iím planning a turkey dinner with all the fixings for a bunch of people (or any dinner with any fixings for anybody). Iím just trying to get through the work I need to get through so that I can take Thursday off and ease up on Friday without the requisite residue of guilt. So why do I feel as if the walls are closing in and the clocks running at warp speed?

I canít slow down the clocks, but I think Iíd better try to slow down everything else, just a little. Iíll never make it to January if I donít get November and December under control. My mind seems to be telling me that the best way to get things done is by screaming at the phone every time it rings, and pounding the walls every time something goes wrong. So far that hasnít worked out very well, so Iíll try taking things more in stride. Easier said than done, but possible. Many people live that way.

26 November 2008

Turkeys huddled under the oak tree.

Tim called me in the midst of a typical crisis today, and he was in such a jolly mood that it gave me hope for myself. If someone whoís way more Type A than I am can be almost giddy over making pot stickers to take to a friendís house for Thanksgiving tomorrow, maybe I can calm my own jangled nerves long enough to enjoy life a little more than I seem to be doing. Iíll be with family tomorrow, so that will certainly help.

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