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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yesterday, I think, was an aberration, and I will not fall into that trap again. Even after working past midnight, I couldnít get the bank statements out of my mind, and I found myself awake and starting in on them again at three oíclock in the morning. When I came to a point where I needed to get back on the computer to go any further, I was at least sensible enough not to go that far.

The quantity of work I got done wasnít worth the way I felt all day today. So I tried to pace myself better, and I also ate better. I completely forgot to eat lunch yesterday, and I didnít feel like cooking anything by the time I was hungry enough to feel the pangs last night, so all I did was heat up a vegan burrito and scarf it down. Yeah, that was about nine, and itís no wonder I was up at three, right?

15 November 2009

I would so love to finish this project and move on, but Iím afraid Iíd need about three days of zero interruptions or distractions. That will never happen, of course. Even today, on a Sunday, I got time cards for the Kennel payroll, and those folks canít afford to wait to be paid until I have time. I have to make time, for that and for all the crises and calamities that are likely to come up. Unfortunately, my disappearance for one day, much less three, would cause more crises and calamities than Iíd care to have to deal with.

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