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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Iím afraid I overextended myself today. Everything I did seemed a little bit harder than it should have been. Instead of quitting, as a smarter person would have done, I just kept on going.

As a result, Mom has a new computer monitor, and I think I have a cold. I know you canít catch cold from walking through the pouring rain, wheeling a Best Buy shopping cart out to the further reaches of the parking lot. But the rain didnít make me feel refreshed or exhilarated. It made me feel wet and wilted.

I might not have a cold, but I do have a sniffle, and a scratchy throat. My wrist isnít feeling quite as good as it did yesterday, but the brace is still helping. I canít let it keep me from doing what needs to be done. Mom was apologetic, as if she forced me to go monitor shopping with her, when the truth is that she gave me every chance to back out and I refused.

Anyway, we got her a big, bright flat-screen monitor that nearly fills up her new apartment. It will be much easier for her to see, so much so that it was worth dragging it through the wind and rain and up nine stories. (In the elevator, of course.) I feel good about it, even if I feel bad about everything else, including the condition of my head and hand.

9 October 2004

Suzanne and D.J. at the zoo.

Itís been so long since I drove in the rain that I almost forgot how to work the windshield wipers on the Saturn. I was just about to pull over and get the manual out of the glove box when it came back to me. The wipers have seven speeds, so Iím prepared for any type or amount of rain. Well, the car is prepared. Iím definitely not.

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My DSL service has been spotty all day, sometimes working and sometimes not. Mom is getting DSL at her new place this week, but she knows enough about the reliability of the system from hearing about my own experience. The difference is that sheís more likely to call and complain than I am. I usually just wait it out, no matter how long it takes. Itís either an excess of patience or a lethargic disposition.

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