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Monday, October 17, 2005

If Iíd gone into this Monday feeling the way I did over the weekend, Iíd never have made it through. It was a day of many crises, but somehow I had enough in the tank to handle them. It didnít end until well into the evening, either. In fact, things got even more hectic after my usual quitting time. Itís a good thing I got all the bad air out of my system before Monday set in.

The Boss must have been saving it up. I managed to keep busy all day, even without hearing from him. Then, just when I thought it was safe to close the spreadsheet program, here comes the onslaught. I tried to be unflappable, because I didnít want to melt down the way I sometimes do. Heís seen enough of that side of me lately. So I tried to help him solve his problem.

The problem was that I might have been the problem. Or part of the problem. A document we should have filed a month ago fell through the cracks, and there was a chance it could end up costing us a lot of money. If it hadnít been for the part about the money, I would have stepped up and admitted I dropped the ball. Instead, I let him think there was something he should have done. (Which is true. He should have reminded me to file the document.)

Anyway, we had to redo some paperwork and scramble around getting names and addresses. Iíll bop off to the post office first thing tomorrow (in other words, around noon), so that this gets handled. Itís a little late, but if thereís any backdating to do, he can be the one who does it. Somehow it all works out that even if I did make a big mistake, heís the one who takes the beating. That makes working late a little easier for me to take.

25 September 2005


And part of the reason I worked so late on Monday was so that I could have a normal Tuesday. I donít need all these crises hanging over me for another day. I already have my Tuesday planned, and thereís no room for any new business. Thatís how whole weeks get turned around. And itís how I end up so stressed out that it lasts through the weekend. I donít think thatís a very healthy way to live, or a very efficient way to do my job. Itís simply how it is.

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A funny thing happened to the Astros on their way to coronation as the National League champions. Their pennant express was derailed by the man who will probably be the leagueís MVP. Albert Pujols brought the Cardinals from two runs behind in the top of the ninth with a mammoth three-run homer for a 5-4 win that keeps them alive to play another day (Wednesday, to be exact). They still have to win the next two games to make it to the World Series, but at least those games will be in their home park with friendly crowds. And at least we wonít have to wait until the Series starts on Saturday for more baseball.

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