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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One of these days, instead of saying, ďThis would be a nice day to work in the yard,Ē Iím going to get out of the house and work in the yard. Today, for example would have been a nice day to work in the yard, except for a couple of factors. First, there were three postseason baseball games being played today, stretching out to cover about ten hours. And second, I was already sneezing my head off for no good reason inside the house, so I had a disincentive to go out amongst the waving weeds.

Other than that, though, it would have been a perfect day, if only I hadnít had to work. I started early, because I had to, but that should have let me quit early, too. For some reason it doesnít always work out that way. I did take frequent breaks so I could look out on the overgrowth and consider the possibility of doing some gardening, but thatís as far as it got. Thatís pretty much as far as itís got all summer, and now that weíre into fall, it has to change. Less pondering, more mowing. (Itís supposed to rain over the weekend, so Iím in the clear there.)

30 September 2008

My green yard, from the brown driveway.

I know that it will only take one time actually getting out in the yard to get me started back in the habit. Thatís the same thing that keeps happening with the treadmill. I miss a few days, and then I do it and keep at it, until the next time I stop. There are always reasons to stop, so that part isnít a problem. Itís the getting started that gets a little harder each time. The hardest time is the first time.

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