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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bear with me here. I’m going to get there, but I’m going the long way around. When the Dodgers acquired Manny Ramirez in July, I was scandalized that the Red Sox would reward a player who was poisoning the atmosphere in their clubhouse by trading him to a contending team. I mean, I didn’t really take it that seriously, but I did think he would have a hard time fitting in with the Dodgers’ shaky mix of rookies and misfits. Uh oh, says I. It’s Milton Bradley all over again. Ramirez is the opposite of what I look for in the players I admire.

Imagine my shock and dismay when Manny led his new team to the postseason. And when I say “led,” I mean he loosened the atmosphere and brought energy to a team that had very little identity and almost no offensive punch. They’re still the Dodgers, bitter rivals of my team, so I have to hate them. But I have to admit that they’re more fun to watch than the team they beat out, the boring old Diamondbacks. They owe most of their success to Manny, the maverick.

But I didn’t come here to talk about baseball. I came to speak of politics.

When John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, I was scandalized that a supposedly serious candidate would put someone obviously unqualified in a position so close to the presidency. And that was before her Katie Couric interviews! I have to admit, though, that I was also a little happy, because the Republicans, to me, are like the Dodgers. Palin is on the wrong side of nearly every issue that matters to me.

30 September 2008

Under the old oak.

Thank goodness, then, that Sarah Palin is no Manny Ramirez. She’s not afraid to swing the bat, but she misses almost every pitch. Tonight at the same time Manny was scaring the daylights out of Cubs pitchers, the Governor of Alaska was scaring the daylights out of voters. And at least tonight, Ramirez played by the rules of baseball. Palin came out and told Gwen Ifill she wasn’t going to answer her questions, but intended to say what she wanted. Wow. What a maverick.

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