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Friday, October 3, 2008

This might not speak well for my attention span or my cinematic taste, but last night, while I was bored stiff by Iron Man, I got restless and did some redecorating. I didnít do anything on a grand scale. In fact, I only did one thing, really. I moved the Yamaha portable keyboard from the loft, where it never gets used, down to the living room, where it will still probably never get used. But maybe. At least now I donít have to wade through boxes and cobwebs when I want to get to it. And Iíll have something to do during boring movies. Other than playing Solitaire over and over again, I mean.

What sheet music I have is old. I donít think I have anything newer than a book of theme songs from TV shows like Cagney and Lacey and Hill Street Blues, which were still on the air the last time I played them. The book of ďtodayís top hitsĒ includes songs like ďDonít It Make My Brown Eyes BlueĒ and ďWeíve Only Just Begun.Ē But thatís okay, because Iím old and those are my songs anyway. Itís no use trying to play the Sonatina book or ďFur EliseĒ on a keyboard with 61 keys, so I wonít even try.

Besides, itís been so long that my fingers donít quite work the way they once did. I still remember most of the notes, but itíll be a long time (if ever) before Iím recital ready. The only reason I can feel comfortable playing at all is that I live so far out in the country that nobody will hear me. To be perfectly honest, I was never that good in the first place. I learned all my wine-soaked piano teacher could teach me when I was twelve and never progressed beyond that.

3 October 2008


The other lesson from last night is that superhero movies are not my cup of tea. I rented Iron Man because of the good reviews and the fact that Robert Downey, Jr. was in it, but it didnít hold my attention. I should have known better, I guess. You apparently have to be into the comic book genre. Thatís too bad, considering how many movies these days started as comics. Iíll just go back to my reliable indie dramas and British mysteries that rarely make me feel as if Iíve wasted my time.

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