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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thanks to the extension I filed in April, my federal and state income taxes arenít due until October 15. Thatís eleven days away, so why was I spending my Saturday doing these returns? Thinking ahead is not my strong suit, but sometimes you have to do things before the last minute. I know that October, as usual, is going to be an intense month, so I thought Iíd dedicate my Saturday to getting the tax man off my back.

As it turned out, the whole ordeal only took six inningsó er, I mean two hours. I waste two hours almost every day, unless itís the actual deadline, so this was no great loss. And I end up getting a refund of almost $300, plus my Bushwhacker rebate of $600. Thatís $900 I can really use. I could have done this months ago and had that money in hand already, but at least it should be here before Christmas.

Iím thinking of asking for another $7 billion in credit, but it seems like a bad time.

4 October 2008

Serious cloud bank.

I was talking to Aiden on the phone tonight when he asked me what I was doing for dinner. I told him I was probably having leftovers, and he asked if I wanted to meet them somewhere. So after conferring with David, I met the two of them and Kylie at the local diner. A few things I learned: Aiden has a girlfriend at school. ďSheís the cutest girl Iíve ever seen in my whole life,Ē he informed me. For the record, she thinks heís cute, too, at least according to him. Also, he milked a cow today. He knows it was a girl cow because she didnít have horns. Kylie got close and petted the cow but didnít milk it.

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