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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Itís a good thing I didnít have any obligations today, because Iím pretty sure I forgot to take a shower this morning. I know I forgot to get dressed (and I never intended to shave anyway). I just sat around in my sweats all day watching sports. Thatís what happens when NASCAR, baseball and football all start at the crack of dawn. (Well, 10:00 am, which is almost the same thing.) I canít afford to cut more than one of these days out of the week and expect there to be enough time to do what needs to be done. If I could, I probably would, so itís a good thing I canít.

I wasnít expecting any company, either, so it was a surprise when my landlord knocked on my door. At least it was after all the early football games and between baseball games and during a caution on the race track, so I didnít have to ignore him. He asked if I might have forgotten to mail this monthís rent check. Well, I might have, but I didnít. It happens, but I remember this time because I sent it on the first, instead of before as usual. Itís odd he should even ask, because he often holds onto the check for a few weeks before depositing it. Sometimes I even count on that to keep my account in balance.

4 October 2008

Clouds knife through the sky.

Even though this was exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday, it was such a disjointed day that I even forgot to make my bed until late in the afternoon. As poor a housekeeper as you know I am, thatís one thing I never let go. I canít stand to see my bed unmade, and I canít stand to get into a bed at night (or in the wee hours of the morning) that hasnít been made. It was like taking a day off and spending it in a bizarro world.

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