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Friday, August 1, 2008

Now that August is finally here, Iím not sure Iím ready for it. I spent the whole month of July putting off whatever could be put off, telling myself that Iíll get to it in August. August became a kind of mythical concept, a far off land that might or might not exist, like Oz. I didnít give much thought to following the Yellow Brick Road, though. I was too wrapped up in rolling around in the poppy field of July.

My weekly to-do list for July is almost exactly three times as long as any other month (except, of course, October, January and April). Once that work all gets done, itís time to shift over to personal items, some of which are no more fun than work. These are the things Iíve been putting off for a month, telling myself that Iíll get to them in August and not actually believing that August would ever get here.

Now that there is an August (yes, Virginia), I can start catching up, on my reading, and the movies I want to watch, and (sigh) the yard work and the house cleaning. I can get back on my workout schedule, having neglected the treadmill for the last couple of weeks. I can finally do my income tax return, although since my extension extends halfway into October, I could still put that off. Best of all, I could maybe get started on catching up on all the sleep Iíve been missing. That would be sweet.

21 July 2008

Unzipped cloud.

So why, then, did I end up working until 9:00 pm on the first day of August (and a Friday at that)? I guess Iím not quite over the curse of July. Anyway, Oz wasnít ever the actual final destination, was it? It was just a way to get back to Kansas, and Iíve still got a long balloon ride ahead of me before I land on the farm. (Had enough of this yet? So have I.)

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