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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If I had been the one who just came back from Europe, the Boss would have been full of questions about my trip. They wouldnít be the same questions everyone else would be asking, either. In fact, they wouldnít even be good questions, because he has very little interest in other peopleís lives. But at least Iíd have to think differently about how I viewed the trip, because he would expect answers. This is all theoretical, since Iíve never been to Europe.

In fact, itís the Boss who returned from Europe today, and I didnít ask him anything, because I knew that after two weeks away, heíd be buried in paperwork and want to get caught up as soon as possible, all in one day. (And I knew about the paperwork because Iíd been the one who had generated most of it.) Itís not that I donít care, just that I had messages I wanted him to return, and that was the priority.

Today was his first day back, but Iíd expected him back yesterday. Because I thought he would be back on a Monday, I spent my whole weekend getting as much work done ahead of time as I could manage. Thatís how, for probably the first time ever, I got all the quarterly reports and taxes finished four days before the deadline at the end of July. Of course, it helped to have the Boss out of the country for two weeks. Itís always a revelation how much more work I get done when heís not around to pile it on.

Iíd been bracing myself for his return, and losing sleep over it, but that probably didnít help. After a whirlwind of phone calls and questions this morning, things calmed down to the normal steady flow (with occasional gusts), and we got back into a comfortable rhythm. Well, I did, anyhow. I never did ask him how he was doing, but the vacation must have done him some good. He was in better humor than I was all day long.

21 July 2008

Summer clouds.

He wasnít in Europe to enjoy the sights and scenery. When things calm down, Iíll be interested to know what he did enjoy, if anything. The reason he went is that he has a son-in-law who is from Europe, and the Boss himself is European, a couple of generations removed. (And not funny-European, like Craig Ferguson, but scary-European, like Vladimir Putin. Or Roman Polanski. Or Lucius Malfoy.)

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