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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sadly, the stampede of time has once again left its hoof marks on my back. The rolling seas of change have washed away my sandcastle. The reality show of life has revealed its latest twist.

Hereís what always seems to happen. I expend Herculean effort adapting to whatever situation I find myself in. I get used to the way things are going, begrudgingly at first, but then I get into the rhythm. At just about the time I start to like things the way they are, boom! Stampede, high tide, twist. Something changes, and I have to start over.

It happens every time they take my favorite brand of shampoo or deodorant off the shelves. It takes me forever to find another one I can learn to like, and then boom! Off the shelf. No wonder I drink, as an old friend used to say on a regular basis. (I donít drink, actually, but he did. Heís no longer with us, alas.)

Today it was my bank, which has withdrawn its ATM from the supermarket where I like to shop (because itís the best one in the area for finding the greatest variety of natural foods that are on my diet). Instead, the store is allowing a different bank to put an entire branch in its store. I overheard the manager explaining to another customer that my bank had been given ten years of chances to put in an office, and they finally decided to go another way.

Well, now I have to go another way. Without that ATM there, Iíll have to go to another supermarket, one I like less for its groceries but more (now) for the fact that it has an ATM (and a branch, for that matter). Iíll still go to my favorite store, but if I happen to be out of cash, Iíll have to go to the other one, whether I like it or not. Drat.

3 August 2010

Oh, sure. Iíll adapt. I always adapt, eventually. But I donít embrace these changes with any enthusiasm whatsoever. I take it personally, even though I know thatís an irrational (and selfish) response. Itís all about me, when itís about me at all.

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