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Monday, January 18, 2010

You know who really hates this weather? Apparently the red-shouldered hawk that lives at the top of the eucalyptus tree next to the entrance to my driveway really doesnít care for rain and wind. Its call, which in the best of times sounds like someone stepped on a puppy, was so persistent this morning I was tempted to go out in the rain and see what could be so very much the matter.

Well, not so much tempted. Curious, but not to the point of going out in the rain. Anyway, the hawk ceased and desisted (both) after the rain let up a bit this afternoon.

Also out in the rain: hummingbirds. One in particular spent a good deal of the day hovering next to my sliding glass door. It obviously wanted to come inside, but that wouldnít have worked out.

18 January 2010

Meanwhile, the storm put the finishing touches on the long dead birch tree in my yard. Itís been standing valiantly (but quite dead) for several years past its sell-by date, through more tempestuous weather than this, but today was its last as a perch for the finches and sparrows. It didnít do much good for the shrub it fell on top of, either, but Iím still glad it fell away from the house.

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Click here to go to Flickr and see three more shots of the fallen tree.

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