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Saturday, July 6, 2002

Eight o'clock! I know that's when I got up because I checked the clock as soon as I came down from sleeping on the top deck. I don't know what time I went to bed last night because I don't wear a watch up here at the lake. It was before it got totally dark, though, and most of the stars were still invisible. I watched a few of them twinkle to life before drifting off. To sleep, that is, not off the top of the houseboat.

There were 23 of us on two houseboats for dinner in the cove last night — fifteen adults and eight children. The oldest of the kids was twelve last night, but she turns 13 today. Not a child any more, or so she informs us every chance she gets. The youngest is seven months old. There's no one here at that dangerous toddler stage, where they don't know enough not to walk off the end of the boat. Even with that many people, it's impossible to keep track of anyone all the time.

It was hot yesterday afternoon, and I was cranky from lack of sleep, but this morning was pleasantly warm and I was rested. It's never quiet, of course, with all those kids swimming back and forth between the houseboats, but I'm enjoying the activity. So far it's all mellow and good.

David got stopped by the sheriff's boat for the stupidest reason this afternoon. Bev's dog Shasta absolutely loves riding on the jet ski. She'll start barking and asking to go along any time someone gets on it (or near it). David had her out in the cove and she was riding along biting at the wake and thoroughly enjoying herself when the sheriff stopped him.

"That dog does not look happy," he said. David tried to argue that she's been riding jet skis for seven years, but the sheriff was having none of it. And because David is only 21, he knew he couldn't get anywhere, so he brought Shasta back to the houseboat.

We spent the rest of the day complaining about the sheriff and making fun of him.

Shasta Lake

Eric's ski run.

Krystyna was the happiest birthday girl on the lake today, and possibly the happiest 13-year-old in all Shasta County. She got presents and even ice cream, but mostly it was just that everyone acknowledged her. She didn't demand to be the center of attention all day. She didn't ask for anything except for everyone else to be as happy as she was. And we were!

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