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Thursday, July 20, 2006

In what alternate reality is 5:36 am a decent time for people to start making phone calls?

Oh, wait. New York, I guess, because itís already 8:36 am there. And Miami. And Boston and Atlanta and Philadelphia and Baltimore, plus several other places that donít have baseball teams. I guess the calls I started getting at 5:36 this morning could have come from someplace like that.

Not that I answered the phone at 5:36 in the morning. I let the machine pick it up, and there was no one on the line any of the five or eight times it rang while I was still trying to sleep. When it rang after eight, though, I had to answer. And it was a wrong number, and it took me ten minutes to convince the guy that a woman hadnít called asking for an HVAC contractor and left my number. (Well, maybe one did, but it was a mistake.)

This wouldnít have been so bad if it hadnít happened all day yesterday. I could never get any flow to my work because of wrong numbers, hang-ups and telemarketers who would not leave me alone. It got so I groaned every time I heard the phone chirp (not that I donít do that most of the time anyway). I got so many calls asking for ďMiss ChristinaĒ that I started to look around to see if maybe she wasnít here somewhere after all.

My phone voice gradually got louder and louder as the day went on. By the end of the day I had worked myself up enough to hang up on a telemarketer who kept trying to put me through to her ďsupervisorĒ and kept pushing the wrong button when all I wanted to do was get off the line. I finally said, ďThis is ridiculous. I donít have time for this and Iím hanging up now.Ē (She said, ďOkay.Ē Good answer.)

20 June 2006

Evening horizon.

Everyone knows I donít like making phone calls, but most of the time I donít mind getting them. In fact, it breaks up my day nicely when I pick up the phone and hear a friendly, familiar voice. Itís when I hear a confused stranger or — worse yet — no voice at all that I get upset. That whole lousy scenario finally reached critical mass yesterday. Today? More of the same, but Iím mellower about it. Maybe Iím just weak from being awake since 5:36 am.

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In the Giantsí 9-3 thrashing of the Padres tonight, they scored in three different innings tonight. In the second and eighth they got home runs from the usual suspects (Bonds, Durham and Feliz, back-to-back-to-back) and a newcomer (Chad Santos, in his first week as a major leaguer). But letís talk about the fifth, when they got three runs the hard way. They used a walk, a stolen base, a suicide squeeze and a sacrifice fly, wrapped around a Randy Winn double, to knock out three big runs. All the scoring was nice, but the best thing about this game was the dominating performance of starter Noah Lowry, who came within two outs of pitching his second career shutout. The bullpen kind of screwed up the end game, but a win is a win at this point in the season, especially when youíre playing the first place team.

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