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Wednesday, July 27, 2006

Whew! Time to exhale. It was so much better today that I actually flirted with the idea of doing some work in the yard this afternoon. It was a brief flirtation, and it didnít lead anywhere, but maybe itíll get me back in the game by the weekend. I probably should at least clear a path for the auditor when he comes for his annual visit next Tuesday.

Fog! Our natural air conditioning returned this morning, and it was overcast most of the morning. I never thought Iíd be so happy to see the sky turn gray. It warmed up this afternoon, but thatís okay. Itís still summer, after all. And it never got anywhere near as hot as itís been for the last week. Plus. Week plus.

The much improved weather isnít the only reason I have to breathe easier. AT&T had scheduled an appointment for repair to my DSL/fax line for Friday. They claimed they had no four-hour appointments available, so I had to promise to be home from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. But this morning at 8:30 I got a call from Laura, the repair person. She was in the neighborhood and wondered if I minded getting my line fixed a day early.

Did I mind? I never scrambled into my clothes so fast in my life. I think my shoes were still untied when she came to the door, but she never did come in the house, so I guess I made my bed for nothing. The first thing she determined was that there was indeed static on the line, and it was somewhere down the road. It took her two or three hours to find and solve the problem, but it was worth her time, because my line was crossed with the line of another customer who had complained.

In theory, with the cooler weather it should be easier to sleep tonight. Itís just a bonus that I wonít have a lack of internet connection to worry about. That doesnít mean Iíll sleep, but itís a good theory anyway.

2 June 2006

Sun setting behind the trees.

Best of all, the taxes and quarterly reports are all done. Thatís what really should let me sleep. Those are the kinds of things that keep me up overthinking all night long. As good as it is to have it all behind me, though, I still have an audit to prepare for, and we still have cash flow problems to deal with. Iím expecting a big check tomorrow, but if it doesnít come it will be worse than if it had never been promised, because that will mean thereís a client out there I canít trust. If that isnít something to stay awake over, I donít know what is.

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With several key players out of the game because of injury, the Giants still scored five runs tonight. Thatís amazing, because at one point National pitchers retired fourteen straight hitters. Still, it wasnít enough to overcome the suddenly high-flying Nats, who beat the Giants, 6-5, behind ex-Giant Livan Hernandez.

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