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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Itís too early to tell how well my new air cooler is going to work, since the weather here has suddenly reverted to its typical Northern California summer perfection. Not too hot, and a day off from the heat at least a couple of times a week. How can you beat that, even with a machine that blows cool air through the house? Thatís the reason Iíve never felt I needed air conditioning, before now. The unbearably hot days are hitting more and more often, so Iím sure Iíll get a chance before long to see how well the cooler does its job.

Even if the weather stays mild, I think Iíve made a good investment (with the Bossís money). The new unit is smaller and sleeker looking than the old box fan, and it does the same job and more. In fact, I can use it strictly as a fan, if I choose not to fill it with water and use the evaporative cooling system. Either way, it has three speeds, and it oscillates, and it has a timer.

Also: It comes with a remote control. How can you beat that? I think that on a really hot day I could set it on ďCoolĒ and turn the fan on high and get some relief all through the house. I know already that it makes the air in the room more comfortable, and even if I choose to sit like a lump in front of it, itís already way quieter than the old fan.

Itís going to be tempting to overuse the cooler. The air feels better when itís on, even on temperate days like this. And itís just too pleasant a sensation, sitting in the recliner as the chilled air wafts over me, so Iím going to have to use some willpower. Itís not as if this is a free service. The company paid for the unit, but it doesnít pay my electric bill.

11 July 2008

It's smaller than a seven-year-old.

Dakota was spending the afternoon with me yesterday when the cooler was delivered. He was interested in what was in the box, until he found out it was just another appliance that didnít do anything interesting. But I asked him to stand next to it so I could show the relative size. I think he thought he was posing for a Doritos ad.

It was great fun having him here, by the way. He was a little tired and off his game when he first got here and just wanted to watch a movie (he picked Beauty and the Beast). But after a while he sort of lit up and started making up games and stories. He really likes it whenever anyone plays along with him and his imagination, so thatís what I did. He giggled a lot that last hour before he had to go home.

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