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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Youíd think I was the one who played five sets of tennis today. I thought I was going to get a head start on the coming week, or at least pick up the pieces of the past week. After getting up early to watch the Wimbledon final this morning, I didnít have anything left for the rest of the day.

I can only imagine how Roger and Andy must have been feeling Ė especially Andy, having played well enough to win and then having lost anyway. I never feel Iíve done my best unless I win, but then Iím not up against the best ever. Someone had to lose, but doing your job at such a high level for that long, and then getting the second place trophy, has to be devastating. But the same could have been said no matter which of the two won.

Since I didnít actually lift a racquet (much less swing it), I should have been well rested after lounging for four hours while Andy and Roger did all the work. It turns out that four hours of watching can be as exhausting as four hours of playing. Thatís what I tell myself when I end up not being able to get out of the recliner. Itís a good thing there was baseball on TV, or I might have spent another four hours staring at a blank screen.

5 July 2009

How I spent my Sunday.

Now that the weekend is over, I realize I should have just decided before it started that I wasnít going to try to get any work done. If Iíd dedicated myself to better sleeping habits (as I think I tried to talk myself into when this all started), I might be facing Monday with a better attitude. Instead, Iíve disappointed myself again, and itís going to take some effort to get back on track. I could never be a successful athlete, with a work ethic that saggy and limp. I can admire Andy and Roger, but I canít seem to emulate them.

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Astros 7, Giants 1. The Giants couldnít keep beating up on the Astros forever, but todayís game was a total reversal, made worse by an injury that forced Randy Johnson out of the game early. If the Giants have to make do without their 45-year-old starter, it might change whatever plans they have to acquire another hitter for the stretch run. On the other hand, an excuse to put Jonathan Sanchez back in the rotation might be the right way to showcase him (for that trade with the Pirates for Freddie Sanchez, oh yes) — as long as he performs. But what if they actually need him for the rest of the season? Please, Mr. Unit, get well soon.

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