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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As you may or may not know or care, I donít have an Internet connection during the day any more. This leaves me feeling, well, disconnected. I donít get the news, I canít look up answers to questions that pop into my head, I canít listen to Pandora, and worst of all, I end up spending hours of my own time, after I log on at 6:00 pm, doing work tasks that canít be done during the day. So thatís made me feel almost as disconnected at night, when I am on line, as I feel all day when Iím not.

And all thatís on a good day. Today was different, in that I didnít get on line until 7:00 pm, and then I had to look up some things for the Boss, unplug the modem so I could plug in the fax and send him the information he needed, and repeat and repeat until I finally asked him if this was the last time. He took the hint and left me alone, after 8:00 pm. Thatís too long a work day, for what I get out of it.

Anyway, thatís what Iíve been dealing with for the last two weeks, or however long itís actually been since I managed to post an entry. And the next week or so wonít be any better, because we have eight bids going in next Tuesday and Thursday. Itís not something we can do a half-baked job on, either, because we really need the work. Iíll definitely be back here if I can, or if anything more interesting happens. Otherwise it would just be another entry just like this one, and who needs that?

2 June 2009

The oak in June.

Now you could say, as Iíve said to myself, that I could keep connected all day by posting to Twitter from my cell phone. Iím all set up to do that, but I have a couple of problems. First, Iíd have to decide whose tweets I want sent to my phone, because if I didnít limit them Iíd spend the whole day reading 140-character paragraphs. And second, Iím the worldís slowest, most awkward texter. It just isnít something that I have any facility for, and I need lots of practice. The way I text now, thatís what would take me all day, just working it out tweet by tweet. So I donít do that, either.

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Angels 4, Giants 3. Tim Lincecum certainly deserved better than this, both offensively and defensively. I know the Angels are a good team, and I give them all the credit for sweeping the three-game series. But I canít figure out why the Giantsí infield is having trouble all of a sudden, after such stellar work all season. And while itís never surprising when the team scores only three runs, itís always a disappointment that so many good chances go to waste. Iíll give the Angels the first two games, but the Giants definitely should have won this one.

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