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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iím pretty sure I sent out a notify to the list last night, but I never got my copy. I assume you all got yours (if and only if you subscribe, that is), because there were a lot of questions about my lack of an Internet connection during the day. This is a situation thatís gone on for the last few weeks, and it probably doesnít have anything to do with turkeys or sunspots, although thatís as good an explanation as anything.

What I think is this: Iím at the end of the phone line, and I believe the line has degraded to the point where it no longer supports both DSL and the fax machine at the same time. The phone company gave me a splitter when I got DSL, and it worked for both devices for several years. Then it stopped, and I could only plug one thing into the phone line at a time.

When this started, I suggested to the Boss that we get another line installed, so that Iíd have dedicated lines for both DSL and the fax (along with my third line for voice calling, which also has occasional interference). At that time he said we would do that (add another line) when the company had more cash in the bank, but that we couldnít afford it just then.

Now that heís having to wait for me to get on line after 6:00 pm before he can get his urgent questions answered, heís come around. In fact, he offered to call the phone company for me, and I told him Iíd be grateful if he would. Then a few days went by, and late last week he asked me if he was supposed to be calling the phone company for me. I said yes, he was, but not to bother. I told him Iíd do it myself, because if they asked him any questions about the service, he wouldnít know the answers. Thatís because he has no clue about anything having to do with computers. Which is what makes me so essential to the company.

2 June 2009

Mushing clouds.

So hereís the deal: The phone company long ago expressed to me how uninterested they were in doing an upgrade way out here at the end of the line, until more customers further up the line complained. Meanwhile, Iíve been working dawn to dusk nonstop all week (or so I believe in the dark recesses of my own mind), so I havenít had ďtimeĒ to call the phone company to try to get them either to (a) change their mind, or (2) put in a new line.

What I really havenít had is ďcourage.Ē I donít make phone calls unless itís urgent (and I guess, in the end, this sort of is), and when I do have to make a call, I have to work my way up to it. Maybe Iíll have ďtimeĒ tomorrow. Or maybe Monday would be better. Yeah, thatís probably it. Monday would be better.

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