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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday, except for the fact that I actually accomplished something today. Yesterday I did a lot of work, and it was all necessary and important and all that, but I didnít make any progress toward the ultimate goal (whatever that is). Today I did as much work (if not a little less, even), but it was work that advanced the cause, instead of just keeping things from sliding backward.

It didnít have to be any better day, thatís for sure. Iím almost ashamed to say how little sleep I got last night. Or rather, how little time I spent with my body stretched out on the bed. Because, you see, I did sleep for several hours in the recliner. I canít even say that I fell asleep in front of the TV, because I turned the set off at a halfway decent hour but didnít have the energy to crawl into bed.

Until 7:15 this morning. Thatís when I went to bed and slept for another hour and a half. You put it all together, maybe it adds up to enough sleep. But itís not very restful sleep, and I could feel it all day. Still, I didnít let it keep me from getting some valuable work done. If I let a little sleeplessness stop me, Iíd never do anything. (Hmmm. Thatís kind of tempting.)

6 March 2006

Cloud ship.

I still have one more huge hurdle to get over before I can hand over the Big Project to the Boss and the accountant (who doesnít get capitalized, at least not by me). Iím going to do my best to get as much of it done Friday as possible, not because I want my weekend free (although that would be nice), but because Iím pretty sure the Boss and Julie have other plans for me over the weekend.

Weíre several days behind on the month-end accounting for the Kennel, and today was Julieís first day back from Texas. So as soon as she gets time to get me the figures, Iím going to have to do something with them, no matter what day it is. That way we get to keep our business and will have the chance to go through this all again next month. Only hopefully with a little better timing.

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When I heard the U.S. team in the WBC was saving Roger Clemens for its game against South Africa, I thought it was (a) a mistake and (2) cruel. Who knew that the U.S. would need a win in that game (which will be played tomorrow) simply to advance to the next round of the tournament? That became the case today when Mexico beat Canada, 9-1. Because of elaborate tie-breaking procedures, a U.S. win tomorrow would eliminate Canada, the only team that beat them. That hardly seems fair to Canada, but all they had to do to advance was either beat Mexico today or hold them to less than three runs, and they knew that before the game started. They probably also knew that wasnít going to happen, because (a) Mexico has a better team, and (2) you canít get emotionally high enough to beat a superior team two days in a row. So now Canadaís only hope is an unlikely loss by the U.S. to South Africa, but whoís to say that canít happen?

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