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Friday, March 10, 2006

For a while today I thought this had to be the worst day in the history of the world, and I wanted nothing more than to crawl under a rock with the rest of the vermin. It got so bad that I ate half a box of chocolate macadamia nuts at one sitting. Itís a good thing Suzanne doesnít go to Hawaii every week, or Iíd be in even worse shape than I am. I already went through all my Girl Scout cookies in two and a half days earlier in the week, but todayís depression was even deeper.

But Iím okay now. Itís just so frustrating, because thereís nothing I can do to prove that thereís something wrong with my car. Every time I call for help, the car fixes itself before help arrives. Nothing is ever wrong when I take it to the dealer. I got put through the wringer today because it wouldnít start (again), but then it did start (as always). So itís an inconvenience, nothing more. At least, thatís how anyone who didnít have to live through it would probably look at it.

I made my daily trip to the post office, and when I got there I had a problem getting the door unlocked. Then after I got back to the car it refused to start. It wouldnít turn over, and the warning light came on with the words ďService VehicleĒ lit up. So naturally, I assumed the vehicle needed service, and I called the roadside assistance number. Towing is included in the warranty, and after hanging on the pay phone for ten minutes with who knows whose germs pressed into my ear, I got them to send me a tow truck.

Then I went back the car and it started right up. I turned off the engine and started it again. And I did it one more time, just to be sure. I went back to the pay phone to cancel the service call (of which they had no record, probably because it was too soon to get into their system) and drove home. And ate half a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. If Iíd had a full box, Iíd have eaten even more.

6 March 2006

Northern skyline.

And as I said to Tammy when I was telling her this story, as much as I like chocolate covered macadamia nuts, they get to be kind of disgusting after youíve eaten about three of them. They donít even taste good any more. Itís not only shameful and fattening, but wasteful of perfectly good chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Now I donít have any left for a better time when I would enjoy them more.

But at least I have yet another new plan for the car. Now Iím not going to lock it at all. I just wonít drive it anywhere that I think it might be unsafe to leave it unlocked. It locks itself when I put it in gear, so I donít have all the bugs figured out, but I have high hopes for this new plan. And I will continue to have high hopes right up to the point where it doesnít work.

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The U.S. didnít have any trouble moving into the next round of the WBC, beating South Africa, 17-0, behind Roger Clemens in a game shortened to five innings by the mercy rule. Even though they finished in a three-way tie with Mexico, whom they beat, and Canada, whom they lost to, they will advance as the second place team in their pool, behind Mexico (even though they beat Mexico) and ahead of the eliminated Canada (even though they were beaten by Canada). I think the powers that be might have to work on their tie-breaking procedures before the next World Baseball Classic, if there ever is one.

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