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Saturday, March 11, 2006

When I finished the Big Project late this afternoon, my first instinct was to fax it off to the Boss and never look back. My second instinct was to hold onto it for a few days, because I knew that it would generate questions and I didnít have it in me to have to go over it with the Boss, after being overwhelmed by it for two and a half months. It would be just too much if he came back at me with his whatís-this whatís-that mentality.

But I went with my first instinct. I faxed it off to him without even looking it over one last time. And sure enough, within five minutes the phone rang. It wasnít bad, though. He wants to see cost reports for each individual job during the year, to make it that much easier for him to pick apart my work and refashion it the way he wants it before sending it off to the accountant. He didnít want the cost reports faxed, though, because there are so many of them. So Iíll be mailing a package to him, come Monday.

The relief I felt, once this was behind me (for now), was so overwhelming I didnít know what to do with myself. I do believe I can use my Sunday to rest up for Monday, instead of trying to get a head start on Tuesday and Wednesday, the way I usually have to do. Maybe that means this will be a better week. Maybe not, because something always seems to come up. But I donít have to go looking for it, do I?

11 March 2006

Tiers of clouds.

The main reason I wanted to get the information to the Boss tonight, instead of waiting until Monday, was that itís barely a month until the tax deadline and Iíve been told to hold off on doing my personal taxes until our accountant has a chance to go through all of the numbers Iím sending him. So now, itís out of my hands. The Boss controls the next step. Which, in its way, is even more frightening than having to do all that work to get it to him.

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Why, things will be so different I might not even open up Excel tomorrow. I might not turn the computer on at all! Oh, wait. Thatís not going to happen. In fact, Iím sure Iíll open Excel, if only to write my paycheck so that I can go to the bank Monday and get some money to get some groceries so I can eat something besides leftovers for at least one day next week. But thatís the only reason (in there somewhere).

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